Mark Saldana is one of the hottest young comics in the country. After starring in the # 1 new show Fanarchy on NBC Sports, Saldana's star continues to rise. He became one of the most talked about sports commentators on the show, as ranked him #1 most popular personality on the show because he is the most likeable and funniest.

Saldana has headlined clubs and colleges in 40 states and 3 countries. While rising to the top with his biting sarcasm and library of pop culture references, he has one big difference: He's Indian. But don't expect turbans and curry. He's more about hockey and video games. Mark is a young, brash American who talks being Indian in today's society, being mistaken for terrorists, and disappointing his Indian doctor mother. One radio DJ referred to him as "Gandhi - if Gandhi drank vodka and always talked about Facebook."

The LA Times called him "The best Indian - if not Asian comic in the country". Saldana has gotten featured in USA Today, Associated Press, New York Times, and his comedy writing published in Harpers Weekly. Mark made his television debut in 2004 on SiTV's Latino Laff Festival and also appeared on NBC's Last Comic Standing, Comedy Zen, and Girls Behaving Badly on the Oxygen Network.

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