Paul Singh, after winning the humorous speech contest over 10 times all the way up to the National level, in Toastmasters, in 2002, started his stand up comedy career. Along the way, Paul has performed at all the top venues in the world, including the Improvs, Comedy Zone, Yuks Yuks in Canada.

"There are two things I love in life. The 2nd one is Laughing", says Paul. They say "do unto others as you would like others to do unto you." I love to laugh, so I make others laugh. In my world, It does not matter who tells the joke, as long as we all laugh. Most comics laugh at people, I laugh with people."

Paul starts his day by visiting his mom in a Senior Rehab Center, where he jokes with all the seniors. "I can't believe he knows them all by their first names" says an employee at the facility. "Most of the seniors joke back with him".

Lately Paul won the "Desi Comedy Idol" in NY in 2009, and he is starring in a newly released Bollywood film, "9-Eleven." He is in talks with producers for a humorous Talk Show.

So what is Paul's philosophy in life . . . "Be true to the moment at all times, and believe in "SARBAT KA BHALA" (win for all).

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